10 ways to have fun during a pandemic

10 Things To Fight Quarantine Boredom


Schools are closed and everyone is “working” from home. If you just watch the numbers of infected rise then you are going to go crazy. Who says pandemic quarantines have to be miserable. Really, when was the last time you spent several days locked up with your loved ones?

To help you survive here are 10 ways to pass the time while the real heroes push the Coronavirus back to oblivion. Everything here can be delivered to your home so act fast before they start canceling deliveries.

#1 Sex!

Assuming you are locked up with a willing partner Sex is, ummm…a great way to pass the time. Here’s how to add some unique twists.

Adult Board Games

sexy board games for coronavirus lockdown

This game has you asking sexy questions and talking about scenarios. No, that’s not a fever you are feeling.

Kamasutra Workout

things to do during coronavirus outbreak

You gym is closed and you need to do after Netflix. Sitting around eating won’t cut it so work up a sweat with this unique workout.

It passes the time, gets the heart rate up and Next December and January expect to see stories of lots of Corona-babies in the news. Three things are certain. We will beat this virus, its going to suck and there’s a baby boom coming. Life finds a way!

#2 Pool – Pong – Hockey Tournaments

convertable game table

Imagine tournaments of pool, table tennis or air hockey.

There are tables available from Amazon Prime that you can convert to play up to 10 games. Some are really nice and look like high quality furniture.

If you have kids then get it for them so you can sneak away and go try the Kakasutra workout.

#3 Become a Rock God

You always wanted to learn how to rock out. Now you have hours and hours of time on your hands. This piano teaches you to play.

teaching piano

From electronic drum kits that will teach you to play to a guitar and some Youtube tutorials, you could emerge from your cocoon a rock god.

electronic drum kit

#4 Make Some Booze!

northern brewer craft beer kit

Well, the world isn’t ending but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn some useful skills.

Beer Making kits and home winemaking kits can be delivered to your homes. Who cares if they close your local liquor store or clear your local grocers shelves. You are self reliant…or drunk anyway.

#5 Stare at The Stars


OK, so things kind of suck on Earth right now. So why not look to the stars?

A telescope can get you outside at night and having some fun. There are plenty of online games and apps to track your finds and let you know which planets and stars are going to put on a show.

#6 Buy a Bunch of Games!

If your game console sucks get a new one. Then load up on killer games. Every sport canceled their season but you can finish for the from your couch. You may not want social distancing to ever end.

PLaystatiokn bundle
NBA 2k20

#7 Read The Every Walking Dead Graphic Novel

“They’re gonna feel really stupid when they find out… They are screwing with the wrong people.”

Rick Grimes

Coronavirus isn’t making people zombies but that doesn’t reading the entire series isn’t the perfect way to spend your time. Load up on Robert Kirkman’s game changing series and then blog about everything different from the TV series.

Wlaking dead graphic novels

#8 Nerd Out!

Whatever your nerd hobby it is time to go all in. Collect autographs and memorabilia, learn Klingon. Build a model of the Death Star. Go for it!

shatner autograph
milenium falcon

#9 Get a Robot Bartender

They may be closing the bars but that won’t stop you. The Keurig Drinkworks Drinkmaster Is a Pod Cocktail Maker and it is like a robot bartender. As of February 2020 There are 20 Pods to choose from including margaritas, vodka and whiskey drinks, beer and wine. It uses CO2 cartridges to carbonate and chills and mixes the drink. The alcohol is already in the pod so it is one-touch cocktails.

Keurig Drinkworks Drinkmaster Pod Cocktail Maker wShown With Prepared drink varieties

#10 Punch Something

punching bag

Times are stressful so don’t get tense and be a jerk to your family and friends. Take out your frustration and get some exercise at the same time. Boxing and MMA equipment can be a greaat way to burn calories and get some sweat going for a single person or a whole family.

Pick up gloves a heavy bag or speed bag and whatever else you like to bring out your inner Balboa.

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