The world is currently drowning in plastics. We can find plastic everywhere in landfills, garbage dumps, and sadly, it has now flooded our oceans. Many have awakened to the reality of this environmental disaster and have started doing something about it. One such solution is Kove swimsuits which has come up with innovative ideas to reduce the threat of plastic waste.

Kove has recently gathered more than 30,000 bottles made of plastic and transformed them, believe it or not, into a fashionable swimwear line. Teaming up with like-minded partners who share the same objectives, their innovative idea involves melting down plastic items into minuscule filaments, then weaving these together to produce the most comfortable and softest material. Who would have thought that “junk” could get transformed into material for swimwear? With pride, Kove boasts that its products are of multiple-recycled waste. The company even included information on the tags on their swimwear to inform consumers about how many plastic bottles they used in making the items of clothing.

Kove’s example should encourage other groups and companies to do the same.  Their idea of converting 30,000 plastic bottles into something people can use and enjoy is indeed, a breakthrough in ridding the environment of waste that ends up in our oceans. The people behind Kove have dedicated themselves to creating the highest-quality swimsuits using the softest kind of fabric. Any of the company’s swimwear would be just right for any adventure on the beach. Kove’s main objective will always be to reduce plastic waste to pass cleaner oceans onto the next generations. If they can make something out of waste, imagine what the whole world can do if we all worked together!