Sympl Supply

Although Sympl Supply is relatively new in the game of surf supplies, it’s fast becoming a patron to surf enthusiasts because it offers quality products to its customers. Recently founded in May of 2015, the company connects urban vibes with coastal surf culture. This connection shows in their products that have modern aesthetics and clean designs.

Surf enthusiasts, especially the younger ones, are often portrayed as people who seem like they “don’t give a damn” as they bask in the sun or surf the whole day. They go to the beach bringing their state-of-the-art surfboards and taking pictures to post on social media. While these surf enthusiasts truly epitomize “coolness,” they can do even better by getting for themselves surfboards from a high-quality supplier like Sympl. With a wide and big surf board, one can meet the waves on the beach much faster and easier. Furthermore, achieving balance is much easier on a larger surface than on a smaller one. A downside to this is that surfers might lose some maneuverability and speed.

Sympl Supply is not just a boutique that specializes in surf accessories but it’s also a brand in itself. The surf accessories the brand offers are a combination of high performance and style made from durable materials. For instance, their 2- and 3-piece Tail Pads can provide surfers with a high-performance grip option that’s both stylish but functional. These are also available in a range of colors and patterns. For great surfing performance, a good board isn’t enough. It must also have a good leash and good traction. Sympl Supply boards offer products with both style and functionality.