We recently tested Talentless clothes. Check out our Talentless Hoodies and Sweatpants review to see what our tester thought was great and not good about the company.

Talentless is a company that pays homage to the new wave of influencers, creators and innovators. Those who have made a name for themselves in the industry by going against what’s traditional and conventional, specifically in terms of what it means to be a “talented” person. One of the main reasons why this company is such a success is that it is so profoundly and unapologetically 2018. As we all know, this was a “garbage time” wherein the talentless held the highest positions of power.

The company’s founder, Scott Disick is best known for his recurring role in the hit TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Disick is the epitome of a person who is #blessed and the complete opposite of a self-made man. While he does have a lot of money on his hands thanks to his fame, talent isn’t something that money can buy. Fortunately, Americans celebrate people who can “fake it ’till they make it.” This means the talentless people whose sole talent is to convince others to buy into what they have to offer. This is, indeed, a very appealing idea – that your lack of talent will actually lead to your success! This is what the company stands for.

In the hit reality TV show, Disick mentioned that he launched his own fashion brand one year ago. But why the name “Talentless?” According to Disick, it’s a play on the belief of most people that everyone in the reality business is talentless! Simple, succinct, and totally accurate.