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Must Have Beer Accessories For The Beer Advocate In Your Life

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We all know that self-proclaimed beer advocate that takes beer drinking to a whole new level. Whether it’s tacos and beer from Taco Tuesday or beer olympics from college, everyone has a different beer background. For the beer lover that always has a long neck ice cold beer in their hand, you’ve already pretty good at drinking beer. Stepping up your beer game to the next level is achievable for dedicated beer advocates. If free beer, beer games, and cool beer accessories are some of your favorite things in life, check out our list accessories every beer advocate wants to own.

beer bong

Beer Bong

A sturdy beer bong can be purchased online or build a bong with basic supplies from any Home Depot or Lowe’s store near you. If you lack confidence in your beer engineering skills, order a beer bong online. Double beer bongs for two people is always a hit at every bachelor party. Kink free hoses and leak free valves will make or break your beer bong experience so make sure to test your beer bong by yourself before your beer advocate card gets revoked.

beer barrel
Jack Daniels Barrel

Beer Barrel

Every beer drinker would love to own as beer barrel of their own. Jack Daniels Barrels are available for purchase through the Jack Daniels store in Tennessee. A single barrel costs $183 dollars and takes 2-3 weeks to arrive. All whiskey barrels have imperfections so appreciate your one of a kind treasure that everyone will admire for years to come. Whiskey barrel furniture is commonly made from old barrels. Your new whiskey barrel turned beer barrel is versatile enough to look great in forms. Whiskey barrel tables and whiskey barrel sinks always look great while chairs and whiskey barrel seats are also viable options available. Beer barrels are heavy so make sure you get help getting it inside when it arrives. Beer barrels hold a little over 30 gallons of beer when full so that gives an idea of how massive these things are. 

Beer Pong Golf

Beer Pong Golf

Just like good beer delivery, a solid set of beer pong golf chipping boarding is a must own beer game guaranteed to be a big hit amongst the beer gaming crowd. Since golf and beer pong are guaranteed favorites amongst any beer advocate, combing golf and beer pong couldn’t be a better idea. Snag a set of beer pong golf boards from Putterball and start playing everyone’s favorite back yard beer game. Putterball comes with 2 putters, 2 golf balls, the Putterball green mat, and a carrying case. Beer Olympics has officially gone to a new level. 

Must Have Beer Accessory: Beer Pong Table

A dope beer pong table is a must have for all parties. Beer pong tables have really stepped their game up from the white folding table we all started out on. Glow in the dark as well as inflatable beer pong tables have changed the game. Beer pong tables now have a ton of features like led lights, cup holders, etc. You dream it, it’s on a beer pong table. Spare yourself any embarrassment with your mom’s old picnic table, upgrade to a Party Pong Table and be the envy of every beer pong player lucky enough to lose to you in your new beer pong arena. 

Beer hat

Custom Beer Hats

There’s no bachelor party gift idea better than a custom beer hat. Beer drinkers, pub crawl lovers, and bachelor party pros know that the perfect beer hat is not easy to find. Whether you go with the solo beer helmet or the custom group embroidered hats, the party crew should be easy to find. Like cold beer and cheeseburgers, cold beer and a fine beer drinking hat is not an accessory of option. 

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