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Home Testing COVID-19 For Everyone – No Pre Qualifications

The United States is Behind In Coronavirus Testing. Testing companies around the country are racing to produce enough for demand. Home testing leader, myLAB Box will be launching their at home COVID-19 test on March 31st! Register here today.

COVID-19 Home Test Kits Supplies Will Be Limited

Supplies of home testing kits will be limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis as long as supplies last. Please do not order more than one per person. Confidential results are provided online. So you must provide a separate email address for each test kit and test recipient.

Note: If you have any of the symptoms listed on the CDC Coronavirus website, then please contact your doctor immediately. Do not wait to receive your test.

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COVID-19 Home Testing FAQs

  • No pre-screening needed to order the home test
  • Self administered testing at home in a few minutes
  • Simple saliva swab test
  • Overnight 2-way shipping is included
  • All Testing Done By a CDC Authorized lab
  • Results are Strictly Private
  • Results online within 2 days
  • Free telemedicine consultation for patients that test positive

About myLab Box Home Testing

myLab Box is a CDC approved home testing company that is best known for tests like STD tests. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the company is refocusing its efforts to help with widespread testing.

The company expects to start offering COVID-19 home testing kits on a limited basis beginning 3/31/2020. Please register above for early access.

myLab Box Home COVD-19 Coronavirus Testing Kits
myLab Box Home Coronavirus Testing will Be Available Starting 3/31/2020
Coronavirus test. COVID-19 testing
Your myLAB coronavirus home testing kit will look similar to the one shown here

Who Should Be Tested For CoronaVirus

Hospitals and testing location will be pre-qualifying people to prioritize based on their supply of tests. Home testing is available to everyone without limitations.

  • Americans of All Ages, But Especially Americans over 60
  • Anyone Who Cannot Prevent Close Contact With Other People
  • Parents and their children
  • Healthcare workers and front line workers
  • Uninsured, privately insured and those who receive government health benefits

Why Get Tested for COVID-19?

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is a potentially deadly and highly contagious virus. The exact mortality rate is currently unknown but infection rates have overwhelmed health systems in Italy and in hotspots around the world.

Public health officials convinced political and business to shut down large amounts of public life for a reason. The impact on Americans and the US economy is expected to be measured in the Trillions of US dollars. Even when the pandemic ends, the financial impact will last for years.

Health officials agree, everyone must get tested. It will reduce the duration of the pandemic, reduce the personal and economic costs of the duration and save lives. Potentially hundreds of thousands of American lives. In South Korea, widespread testing of hotspots was instrumental in minimizing the total impact of the spread of COV-19.

Social Distancing Alone WIll Not End Coronavirus Pandemic

Across the United States, every aspect of our lives have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Widespread Coronavirus testing help to identify and provide care to the sick. THis will reduce the spread of COVID-19. Widespread Coronavirus testing will assist in the eventual easing of the restrictions on businesses, public gatherings, retail establishments bars and restaurants, schools and Universities.

How Does Home Coronavirus Testing Work?

Pre-register today and the full and final instructions will come as soon as queue opens up. The Coronavirus home testing kit is similar to a home DNA testing kit. When you open the box you will find instructions and information on how to sign up online to view your results. The COVID-19 test kit comes with multiple swabs, which resemble long Q-Tips. It also includes plastic sleeves with unique identifiers to ensure your test is tied to your account.

Wash your hands. Then simply follow the directions and swab the inside of your mouth. Put each of the Coronavirus testing swabs in the plastic sleeves and seal them. Put them in the box and ship them back. Each COVID-19 home test kit comes with free overnight shipping included.

Within two days, your test results will be posted, privately in the online account that you established. Log in and confirm your results.

What happens if I am Positive for Coronavirus?

Your test results are completely private and confidential. However, teh testing company will have confidential telephone consultations available to provide instructions on what you should do.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Please follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control. If you have any of the symptoms that they designate then do not wait for your Coronavirus test results to be posted online. Contact your primary care physician immediately. Two to fourteen days after infection, you may experience these symptoms.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Also per the CDC website. If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. Emergency warning signs include*:

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face

No Covid-19 Test Prequalifications

You do not need to prequalify for this testing. Unlike testing at healthcare facilities, testing by myLab Box is open to all people.

Home Testing is essential to Expanding Coronavirus Testing Capacity

Due to the sudden and dramatic increase in the need for testing, a shortage currently exists in Corona testing kits. The shortage extends beyond the physical kits to testing facilities and their staff, as well as collection and lab testing. In addition, testing at healthcare facilities tasks those facilities at the time they need to direct resources to care and treatment.

Home testing for Coronavirus is essential to widespread testing. Scaling physical testing centers will help the situation but with a population of over $320M, America will require additional methods for testing people.

People with high risk characteristics, including those who have had contact with someone who has tested positive, or people who are displaying the symptoms on the CDC’s screening list, will need to be tested at healthcare facilities as part of the testing process.

Home testing for people who are not at high risk and those who are not displaying symptoms can further help the healthcare community and public policy makers to identify sources of the infection.

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