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  • Great Gift Options
  • Ethically Sourced

Four Driftaway Coffee Reviews 2020

At The Coffee Insider we have reviewed a LOT of coffee makers, espresso machines and coffees. We may have fallen in love with Driftaway Coffee and their subscription coffee offerings.

They sent us four coffees and we are review all four below plus share information about the pros and cons of subscription coffee services. .

Shipping and Unboxing

Driftaway coffee always ships free First Class either by USPS or UPS. Our first box came in three days to the east coast.

It comes is a high quality box that is perfectly designed for the order. Opening the box you get not only the bags of coffee but some information on the individual beans and the names and a little background on the producer and the roaster. The coffee bean bags are excellent. They are very heavy duty with a great internal lining and zip-lock style reclosing. It keeps the coffee very fresh.

Driftaway Coffee Sampler

Even if you don’t think you want to try a subscription then consider getting a Driftaway Coffee sampler

Driftaway Coffee sent us one of their four-coffee gift packs to test. Called the World Coffee Sampler it includes coffees from The Congo, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador and Peru. Each comes with a card that is modeled after a post card and tells you about the producer and the roaster.

This is what coffee is supposed to be about. More than a drink, coffee is a way to explore the world and learn about local cultures and climates. This is done really well in the wine, whiskey and cigar worlds but coffee (and chocolate) have always been a more reluctant, in part because of the economics of the communities and they treatment of many producers by coffee companies and importers.  

Congolese Coffee

This coffee fit their first profile. It is fruity with candied orange flavors, plum and hints of brown sugar. It has a very light bean and the grinds and brewed coffee have a very sweet smell. Personally, I prefer bolder coffees with more hints of chocolates or classic tone. But this Congolese coffee is excellent quality so if it is your preference then I am certain you would love it.

El Salvadorian Beans

The second coffee we tested was from El Salvador and it fits their second profile or what they call “classic” coffee flavors. I really liked this one and can’t wait to try the bolder roasts.

This seems to be their take on classic style coffee. We made it with a French Press using a medium-coarse grind and steeped it for 5 minutes. This coffee is very good with a very delicate, light flavor. The aroma is mild and the flavor is delicate. It had dark chocolate hints along with toast and marzipan.

Overall I liked this a lot. I would reorder this but want to try the other blends before fully committing.

Driftaway Coffee Peru

This coffee is what Driftaway calls their third profile or “balanced.” It is an excellent coffee with a great aroma. It ground well and has hints of dried fig, floral and sweet bread. I liked this one a lot. To me, it is a much better daily, morning coffee blend than the “classic.”

Papua New Guinea Blend

We tested the fourth “profile” in the World Coffee Sampler last. This is a bean from Papua New Guinea. I liked this one the most, not just because I prefer bolder coffee but because it has a deep rich flavor and a nice, thick viscous textures that gives is a great mouth feel. This bold flavor has hints of butterscotch, spices and dark chocolates.

Driftaway Coffee Coupon

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Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Driftaway Coffee Subscription usually starts with the 4 bag World Coffee Sampler. Driftaway Coffee sampler

Driftaway Coffee Gift Subscription

The Driftaway Coffee gift options are excellent. We would recommend you start with the World Coffee Sampler. This includes 2 ounces each of four different coffees. Then after that update the rest of the subscription to whatever the recipient likes the most.

You can choose a delivery every month or every two weeks. The packaging of Driftaway Coffee is excellent, lined, vacuum packed and resealable so we would be comfortable with the monthly deliveries.

One thing that is nice is they ask ou howlong you want the gift to go. So you choose a year, six months or three months at the beginning and then you don’t have to cancel it.

You can also send 7 ounce, 11 ounce or 16 ounce bags if you prefer.

This coffee review is courtesy of The Coffee Insider.

Unboxing Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee Shipping Box Delivered via UPS
Unboxing the Driftaway Coffee Sampler. World Coffee Sampler
Unboxing the World Sampler from Driftaway Coffee Shown 4 coffee samples plus literature
Opening the Driftaway Coffee World Sampler Subscription Gift Box

Driftaway Coffee Coupon

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How Does Driftaway Coffee Subscriptions Work?

You can give coffee subscriptions as a gift with a fixed time or give one to yourself with indefinite deliveries every 2 weeks or monthly. Coffee comes in 7 ounce, 11 ounce or 16 ounce bags. See details.

Does Driftaway Coffee have free shipping?

Yes they ship free First Class. Depending on where you are that means it could come via UPS and USPS which averages about three days.

How often do you get coffee with a Driftaway Coffee subscription?

How often do you get coffee with a Driftaway Coffee subscription?

Is a Driftaway Coffee subscription easy to cancel?

Yes, you can pause or cancel Driftaway coffee subscriptions online in seconds. Gift subscriptions are for a set period and end automatically.

Where can I buy a Driftaway Coffee Subscription?

You should buy your subscription direct from their site (see links for coupon). You won’t get their loyalty program points or a better price at this time on Amazon, Etsy, Food 52, etc.

What Comes in a Driftaway Coffee Sampler?

The Driftaway Coffee World Coffee Sampler is a great deal. It comes with 2 ounce samples of four very different coffees from different regions and is offered as the first delivery in a subscription or gift subscription. The 2 ounce samples is enough for a small pot.

Is Driftaway Coffee Ethically Sourced?

Yes, one thing you notice about Driftaway Coffee is they are very transparent about exactly where their coffee comes from and who produces it. You can feel confident that they are treating their producers well.

What is the best Driftaway Coffee?

We tested four and all ranged from very good to excellent. We suggest starting with the sampler to decide for yourself. You can buy single bags of coffee too.

Can I buy a single bag of Driftaway coffee?

Yes, although the sampler can also come as the first order in a subscription and you can easily change or end a subscription.

Is There a Driftaway Coffee Coupon?

Yes, there are coupons for first orders and discounts on whole subscriptions here.

How do I contact Driftaway Coffee?

They respond best to email inquiries and the link to that is here. They can be called at (347) 762-8576 and are located at Van Dyke St #324A, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Where does Driftaway Coffee Chip From?

They ship on Monday mornings from their location in Brooklyn, New York. Shipping is done First Class through USPS or UPS. Typically you will receive your order 3-5 days after shipping.

How do I redeem my Driftaway Coffee Subscription.

Your subscription will start with a World Coffee Sampler and a voucher. Read our recommendations on which of the Sampler’s to order. When you know which coffee you want for the rest of your subscription then go to this link to redeem your gift and enter your voucher.

One question you may ask is whether a subscription coffee service is for you at all. These concerns usually fall into several areas. There are concerns about value, service and commitment. Companies that are born for online selling and subscriptions have generally solved this issue. This is the case here.

The coffee is excellent. It is not cheaper than what you get at a grocery store but, compared to other gourmet and premium coffees the prices are completely reasonable. You will notice a quality difference.

We strongly recommend a sampler. This isn’t just for your personal preference. It is also so you refine your approach by adjusting to the specific bean. A common mistake is to buy great beans but to never customize how you brew them.

We recommend varying the grind coarseness, temperature and the duration of the brewing (is using a soaking method). Changing methods produces very different results. A coffee that is great in a French Press (our prefered method) will be very different in a pour over or Aero Press.

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