Floor Pillows To Live Your Best 2020


Get off the Couch and Reconnect

2020 Is not promising to be a chill year. From pandemics and politics to social media there out there raising the tension. With a few blankets, floor pillows and floor cushions, you can reconnect with those who matter most.

If it feels like you are not really connecting at the table or on the couch (or in bed!) then shake things up. Getting off the couch and onto the floor can increase your sense of togetherness and intimacy.

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting With Kids

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting With Yourself

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting with Romance

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting With Their Childhood

Floor Pillows for Movie Night

Floor Pillows for Watching TV

Setting the tone by setting the mood

Too often our things feel like they separate us instead of bringing us together. Shake things up by increasing the intimacy and closeness of things. A few throws rugs, sitting pillows, blankets a floor cushion and floor pillows and some soft UGG blankets can be just the thing to get people to reconnect with each other and remember what really matters. If you do that, maybe you will all get out of 2020 just fine.

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