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Pangea Organics Buyers Guide 2020

This buyers guide includes several pieces. We review Pangea Organics products and give you an overview of major product lines. At the bottom we are adding coupons, FAQs and suggestions for buying their products. We think you care who you are doing business with so we will tell you about the company, their values and mission.

Our Pangea Organics reviews section will review Pangea Organics against their own standards, mission and vision. They have to (1) be clean (2) outperform everything else on the market and (3) contain he most bio-available forms of Vitamin A & C possible

Pangea Organics SkinCare Reviews

Pangea Organics is probably best known for their skincare products. We interviewed four women from ages 17 to 47 about their experience with Pangea Organic products. Before our testing, the facial products were the line the group was most familiar with.

Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser

This and the facial scrubs were the product that most of our panel had the most experience with. Pangea Organics facial cleansers come in two formulations. One is for sensitive skin and another is for normal, combination and oily skin.

According to the ingredients and website the normal, combination and oily skin formulation has antioxidants, Gluconic acid, honey and vitamin C. Vitamin C and aloe are known for their healing and regenerative properties.

We like that is contains Argan oil which comes from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree. This is fast becoming a staple in skincare products for it’s anti-aging benefits. It also contains Australian Wild Plum Extract which is the richest natural source of vitamin C. Clary Sage Essential Oil which is used topically as an anti-inflammatory and in aromatherapy to encourage calmness, clarity and relaxation.

infused with a proprietary triple fruit complex of Wild Plum extracts to brighten, refresh, and protect. Other superpower botanicals include Willow for its anti-inflammatory properties, Elderberry for its ability to detoxify quickly and safely, calming Linden Flower, and precious, nutrient-dense Manuka Honey

The Dry and sensitive formulation is vegan. It’s main selling point is that it has Calendula. Calendula a plant used in natural medicines a lot. It is applied to the skin to reduce pain and inflammation.

This formulation also has Blood Orange Essential Oil which is known to to encourage a cheerful mood and optimism. Pangea Organics says that in the facial cleanser it also stimulates circulation and helps your skin glow.

The Dry and Sensitive formulation also contains Shea Butter which is an excellent natural, nourishing fat that comes from the nut of the Shea tree.

The website seems contradict itself. You can filter by the major components and that says the normal skin formulation has honey but no Gluconic Acid and the Dry has Gluconic but no honey. This was surprising so we checked out the ingredients which shows the dry and sensitive doesn’t contain the Gluconic acid or Honey but the Normal formulation contains both. Both formulations have Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Pangea Organics Mission and History

Pangea Organics is a company formed from a simple concept in 2001. The founders of the company believe that we as people are one with the Earth. In this oneness, the Earth provides us with everything we need to maintain our youthful glow, vibrancy, and health. The founders have traveled all over the world to cultivate relationships with organic farmers. These farmers have dedicated their land and their lives to produce organic ingredients rich in nutrients.

The founders have thoroughly educated themselves about the extraction of the highest quotients of active components from different plants. Because of this, everything they create comes from years of tireless testing and rigorous research. Pangea Organics provides a line of products to nourish consumers organically from head to toe. These products contain all of the aromatherapeutic benefits of organic essential oils.

The company constantly collaborated with communities and people to come up with the best products. They believe that plants are extremely powerful so they make use of the most recent scientific methods to extract this power from plants. Because of their commitment to providing the best, they deliver results that are above and beyond expectations. When it comes to ingredients and packaging, they never compromise.

The products from Pangea Organics are alive. They contain scents that yearn to be experienced, journeys waiting to be explored, tasted wanting to be savored, and secrets on the brink of becoming legends. The very heart of the company’s mission is its passion to inspire people to look and feel amazing while living harmoniously with the planet. All of their products come from the combined wisdom of organic technology and cutting-edge science to create perfection for every product.

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