Quanta CBD

Quanta is a company that’s making a name for itself in the field of medical supplements. This is a Los Angeles biotech firm that specializes in the commercialization and development of innovations using Quantum mechanics. The company, through the “Powered by Quanta” program, shares its patented technology with high-quality and high powered brands into health supplements, CBD, phytochemicals, and vitamins.

The company is relatively new to the health supplements industry being launched only in 2017 when they introduced their Quanta patented technology to the CBD industry. Such technology is unlike any other as it makes use of quantum physics for stabilizing and manipulating electron spin in elements that occur naturally especially cannabinoids. The results of this process are what Quanta has termed “Polarized Cannabis” and it’s intended to increase the performance of supplements inside the human body. Cannabinoids have been with us for some time now and traditionally enter the body with low bio-energy levels. This is one reason why consumers have varying experiences when using cannabis. Quanta’s CBD technology recharges targeted elements through the alignment of electron spin, thus, producing a chemical reaction within the body that’s more effective resulting in an increase of intended results.

Quanta CBD’s CEO is Eric Rice and he believes that the booming cannabis industry is still in need of more innovations that can remove the obstacles to cannabis’ legitimacy, especially those unpredictably well-known experiences by users. The solution to this issue, according to Quanta, is almost the complete opposite of what we usually think of cannabis use. With their unique technology, Quanta works hard to bring on a new frontier in medicine where cures and elements that occur naturally can be just as potent or even more than pharmaceuticals.