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Texas SuperFood Supplement Reviews

We are going to look at several Texas SuperFood supplements, nutritional supplements and liquid supplements. We want to see if they live up to their claims. Below are Texas Superfood reviews, FAQs and a section that looks at the company and its policies.

Texas SuperFood Complete Review

Texas SuperFood Complete was the first product we reviewed. As a supplement, their statements are not evaluated by the FDA. So, we will do our best to look at their claims.

It comes in two parts. There is the Texas SuperFood Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics powder and the Texas SuperFood Complete capsules. So, it’s a bit confusing that a product marketed as Texas SuperFoods Complete contains two products. And one of them is also called Texas SuperFood Complete capsules.

The capsules are big and you have to take 6 a day. I’ve taken other supplements that require that much.

So, the 180 capsule bottle lasts about 30 days. My advice is to take the whole bottle before passing judgement.

I didn’t notice any difference for about 10 days. After that I do think I slept better. That alone could be worth the price. I may need to take it longer to know if I am consistently more focused and energetic but better sleep has to be good for that.

Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics powder review

To take the Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics powder you just add 1 scoop to a drink. It has 12 calories. You can see the nutrition information on their website, but it really doesn’t have much other than a small amount of carbs, sugars and sodium.

The digestive enzyme and probiotics powder is surprisingly good tasting. It has a mild fruit flavor that makes you feel like you are taking something good.

You could mix it with other drinks but I just mixed it with cold water. It mostly dissolved on its own, a few stirs and it was fine.

When you start two supplements at the same time it can be hard to know what to attribute to which supplement. I noticed some difference in my…ahem, digestion that I will spare you. I have never taken a probiotic before but do consider it a good experience. I FEEL healthier and I think counts for something.

Texas SuperFood Complete

Texas SuperFood Compete Review 2020 before the unboxing
Texas SuperFood Complete shown in box. Ready for 2020 review and product testing.

Texas SuperFood Complete Benefits

According to the packaging the Complete capsules “supports” …

  • Improved Sleep
  • Physical Energy
  • Athletic Performance
  • Mental Focus & Clarity
  • Overall Health and Wellbeing

Texas SuperFood Nutritional Supplements

Texas SuperFood Nutritional Supplements come in seven varieties. We expect to test and review each soon

  • Hip, Knee and Joint Support
  • ProBio Boost
  • Krill Oil
  • Texas Super Silver
  • Chill Pill
  • Texas SuperFood Brain Gain
  • Texas Silver Drops

About Texas SuperFood

There is very little information about the company known as the NPN Group, the one behind Texas Superfood. The head of the company is Dennis Black according to the company’s official LinkedIn page. The main product of Texas Superfood is its supplement that contains essential nutrients of 55 raw vegetables and fruits which have been naturally grown and picked at the peak of their nutritional perfection.

The manufacturers of Texas Superfood don’t use any toxic chemicals. This makes the supplement completely free of pesticides and herbicides. Texas Superfood also doesn’t contain other common ingredients like sweeteners, animal products, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, sodium, binders, artificial colors and flavors, isolated sugar, preservatives, egg, synthetic additives, and fillers. What sets Texas Superfood apart from the rest is that it’s completely natural and organic.

The company makes sure that Texas Superfood doesn’t contain any genetically-modified organisms either. It only contains nutrient-dense ingredients that have been specifically chosen to provide consumers with the widest and best possible range of nutritional benefits. It’s completely organic, rich in antioxidants, vine-ripened, natural, and raw produce making it easy for anyone to maintain proper nutrition.

Texas Superfood offers a wide range of products like superfood supplements, nutritional supplements, and liquid supplements. The company makes use of the finest, high-quality ingredients to provide the best kind of all-natural product possible. Our Texas Superfood reviews will look into their claims. Each of the ingredients used in Texas Superfood was chosen, tested, and certified to ensure optimal nutritional intake. They are different than a company focusing on detox and diet like Slim Much. Through improvement and perfection, they have created all the natural products needed by the body.

TexasSuperFood com reviews

The best place to buy TexasSuperFood products is on their website, TexasSuperFood.com. Their website has a lot of good information. It is secure and easy to use. We have not heard real complaint about it. In the end, it is a marketing website and trying to sell you products. We recommend reading our reviews, which are uncompensated and independent. We are not affiliated and receive no funds for reviewing their products but we do get paid a commision if you buy through our links.