eLuxury is a US veteran-operated and owned company based in Evansville, Indiana. The founders of this company have spent hours and hours of determination and hard work to create a brand that is both trusted and successful. The company provides specialty linen and other home products. While eLuxury has been in the business for about 20 years now, they have only added mattresses to their line of products back in 2009. The company was founded by Paul Sanders, a logistics and aviation supply expert who also happens to be a retired Marine officer. He came up with the idea for this company as he struggled to purchase high-quality bed sheets at a reasonable price. He wanted to give these as a gift to his wife. Because of the challenge he faced, he decided to take a stand by putting up his own company.

The products of eLuxury include a line of handmade platform beds, memory foam gel mattresses, pillowcases, goose down comforters, bed sheet sets made of Egyptian cotton, mattress toppers, bath towel sets made of Egyptian cotton, bathrobes made of 5-star Egyptian cotton, duvet covers, and more. The company manufactures the whole line of mattress pads on-site at their corporate headquarters. In a market that’s flooded with sub-par and knockoff products, eLuxury provides high-quality, first-class products guaranteed to ensure that customers get authentic products each time they purchase.

As with other environmentally- and socially-conscious companies, eLuxury assists and supports different causes enthusiastically. Each time they get an opportunity, the company gladly accepts critical challenges. The founders also think of ways to donate and give to those in need.