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Ninja Coffee Maker

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Ninja CE201 Coffee Maker


Ninja CE251


Ninja CM407 Thermal


Ninja CP301



  • Many Models Have Lots of Features
  • Excellent Cold Brewing
  • Up to 6 Brewing Styles In One
  • Good Support and Warranty
  • Good Reputation


  • Single Serve Arm Awkward
  • Thermal Carafes Expensive Upgrades

2020 Review Ninja Comparison

For our 2020 Ninja coffee maker review we looked at a range of different types of Ninja coffee makers. Ninja has a lot of options for coffee and tea lovers. Ninja specialty coffee makers, cold brew, coffee and tea machines,

Owning a coffee maker is more than just buying the machine and brewing coffee (and in some cases tea). So, we will also look at service, their warranty and cleaning and maintaining you Ninja coffee maker.

Our 2020 Ninja coffee maker buyers guide comes in several parts. First, Ninja coffee maker reviews. Then some comparison, shopping, service and maintenance information. Some FAQs and

Ninja Coffee Maker Reviews

Ninja CE201 Review

Ninja CE201 coffee maker is a traditional drip coffee maker. This is one of several Ninja 12-cup programmable coffee makers available. We found the Ninja CE201 to be the better Ninja 12 cup coffee maker.

The Ninja coffee maker CE201 is a classic style drip coffee maker. So, if you want an appliance that will also brew tea then look at one of the other models like the CP307. This is one of the best selling Ninja 12-cup programmable coffee maker models.

The Ninja CE201 brews classic and rich styles of coffee. It has a built-in option for brewing a small batch (1 to 4 cups) they call their Small Batch function. The CE201 is a basic coffee maker. It is not a SCA Certified Home Brewer, it does have the Ninja Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology (which improves brew quality. It does not have the Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence feature.

It has a sold, reusable Gold-tone “permanent” coffee filter. This means no disposable paper filters which saves money and creates less waste.

The CE201 has only a 60 oz. (12-Cup) Glass Carafe option. If you are looking for a thermal carafe option, Ninja does make them, but we prefer the Mr. Coffee Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers.

The Ninja CE201 has the basic features you expect like a warming plate and programmable start and auto off time. It comes is a pretty standard black and stainless-steel body. It is reasonably well made for the price. The Ninja CE201 measures 8.7 L x 9.9 W x 14.6 H

Ninja CE251

The Ninja CE251 coffee maker is a good but not remarkable 12-cup programmable coffeemaker. For the same money, we actually suggest considering a switch to whole beans instead of pre-ground coffee. We listed the best bean to cup coffee makers for 2020.

We rated the Ninja CE251 coffee maker as a “pass” because it is really unremarkable. We like the removable water tank. But otherwise there are plenty of better made coffee makers that produce better coffee. Some are much cheaper too.

The CE251 is not the only Ninja 12 cup coffee maker. The CE201 received better marks and is a better value.

For about the same money as the CE251 you can get a Cuisinart DGB-550BK which is a fantastic machine. That machine has a built-in automatic grinder and will hold a week or two worth of beans, so it is actually less work to make coffee every day. Switching from pre-ground coffee to whole beans means fresher coffee grounds and better coffee.  

Ninja 12-cup programmable coffee maker

Ninja CM401 Glass Carafe and CM407 Thermal Coffee Maker

The Ninja CM401 is available with a glass carafe or the CM407 thermal carafe. It is best known for being able to hold a mug so you can brew a single cup of coffee directly into the mug instead of the carafe.

The glass carafe is a 50 oz. (10-Cup) version. The same model with the thermal carafe is the Ninja CM407. So, the Ninja CM401 coffee maker and CM407 do a lot but it doesn’t do any of them well enough to justify the price or it’s shortcomings.

Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 and CM407 are SCA Certified Home Brewer, it does have the Ninja

CM401 and CM401 Brewing Systems

Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology and the Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence. It comes in the familiar Ninja styling in black and stainless steel and its dimensions are 12″ L x 8.8″ W x 15″ H

For those looking to make a single cup of coffee we don’t think a Ninja single serve coffee maker makes any sense.

When you want to brew a 10-cup pot, you move the arm that holds the mug and a glass carafe will fit in there. The main advantage is that when you brew one cup, you don’t have to pour your coffee into a mug and clean the carafe. Not exactly life changing.

Its arm is clunky, and you have to make sure your mug will fit. Ninja offers they Small Batch function in many of their 12-cup programmable coffee makers. Those will make one to four cups of coffee but also make up to a full 12-cup pot.

We generally steer people away from pod coffee systems. But if are committed to the single cup brewers because you want more convenience then look at the Nespresso vs Keurig comparison. You pay a lot more for pods, but you do get some more convenience.  

We like having a thermal carafe option. But the CM407 is just way too expensive a way to get it. You can find better choices for a fraction of the money on our review of the Mr. Coffee Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers.

This is a drip coffee maker only so if you want a Ninja that will also brew tea then you should look at some of the other models. no tea. Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 does support several different sizes; Cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve, half carafe & full carafe (10-cups).

Ninja specialty coffee maker models

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Reviews

Great cold brewed coffee can be a great, refreshing choice. The Ninja hot and cold brewed system is included on several models and does make great cold brewed coffee. It is one area where Ninja does offer something better than many competitors. These systems also all have the Ninja Auto-IQ system and are worth a closer look.

Ninja CP307

Ninja CP307 is a hot and cold brewed coffee maker that offers 6 different brewing options. This makes it one of the most flexible Ninja coffee makers available. It is identical to the CP301 except it has a thermal coffee carafe and the CP307 has a glass carafe.

The Ninja hot and cold brewed system makes hot coffee the same as the other Ninja coffee makers. But it offers a 10-minute cold brew setting that works pretty well. One piece of warning, you need to buy cold brew coffee or experiment a lot.

Many coffees that you like hot will not taste right cold brewed. If you grind you won beans for cold brew, then you should look up how to do that correctly to get the right flavor.

The Ninja coffee maker CP307 model has the Ninja Auto-IQ system for one touch brewing across all 6 types of

Ninja CP307 has a lot of features. So, ask yourself what you really will use in a coffee maker before you buy. We found the Ninja CP307 coffee maker to be a solid coffee maker and if you use enough of them.

Ninja auto IQ System

This Ninja auto IQ coffee maker makes good drip coffee, teas seem fine, cold brew is very good

The Ninja CP307 coffee maker includes a built-in fold-away milk frother arm. The frothed milk is OK if you are not used to the kind of microfoam a top super automatic espresso machine will make for 10 times the cost. This is not an espresso maker and the milk frothing isn’t what you get at a coffee shop so don’t let the pictures fool you. This does not make lattes and cappuccinos.

Like other Ninja coffee makers, the CP307 will handle a cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve, half carafe and a full carafe. It has a 50 oz. (10-Cup) Thermal Carafe. The coffee brewing is good. The CP307 comes with Ninja’s Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology and convenient Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence system. It is Not SCA Certified Home Brewer

The Ninja CP307 is easy to clean. All its removable parts are all dishwasher safe. This includes the 50-ounce removable water tank. It has no warming plate. It comes in black and stainless steel and measures 11.8 L x 10 W x 15 H inches

Ninja CP301

The Ninja CP301 gets our nod as the best Ninja coffee maker. The CP301 model has a glass carafe. Otherwise it is the same Ninja hot and cold brewed system machine as the CP307, which has a thermal carafe we consider too costly.

Ninja CP301 coffee maker makes the same 6 types of brews. Those are classic drip coffee and “rich” brewed drip coffee. It will also brew hot coffee over ice, cold brew coffee and make teas. The CP301 and CP307 appears to brew most tea types very well including Herbal, Black, Oolong, White, & Green teas.

As you expect, the Ninja coffee maker CP301 model has the Ninja Auto-IQ programmable system. It supports a range of container sizes including a standard cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve, half carafe and a full, 50 oz. (10-Cup) glass carafe.

It has an OK warming plate, programmable delay start, auto off feature and a 50-ounce water tank. The Ninja CP301 is not an SCA Certified Home Brewer but does have Ninja’s Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology and Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence. The machine is 11.8 L x 10 W x 15 H inches. The CP301 and CP307 models get our nod as the best Ninja ice coffee maker.

This buyers guide courtesy of the experts at The Coffee Insider

Ninja CE201

The CE201 is a very good choice of Ninja 12-cup programmable coffee makers. Click image for prices and details.

Ninja CE201 coffee maker. The CE201 model is a 12 cup programmable coffee maker shown drip brewing

Ninja CE251

A solid, unremarkable 12-cup programmable coffee maker.

Ninja CE251 coffee maker review the CE251 model is shown with a brewed pot of coffee

Ninja CM401 Single Serve

The CM401 and its cousin, the CM407 allows you to brew a single cup directly into a mug or brew a full carafe but neither gets our recommendation. Click the image to see the latest price.

Ninja CM401 single serve coffee maker specialty coffee maker shown with single serve arm

Ninja CM407 Thermal Cofee Maker

The CM407 is the CM401 offered with a pretty good thermal coffee carafe.

Ninja CM407 thermal single serve coffee maker model available on Amazon, Walmart and Target

CP307 Hot and Cold Brewer

Ninja thermal coffee maker model CP307 shown in drip brew mode

CP301 Hot and Cold Coffee Maker

This is the same as the CP307 but comes with a thermal coffee carafe. We believe the premium for thermal coffee carafes is too high with the Ninja coffee system.

Ninja CP301 specialty coffee maker shown with the 6 beverage types this model brews

Ninja Coffee Maker FAQs

What is the best Ninja coffee maker?

In our 2020 reviews, the Ninja with the most stand out feature was the cold brew function in the coffee, so we chose the CP301 for its Hot and Cold Brewed System. Other Ninja models like the CP307 and CP407 have a lot of features so it can do a lot of things well but doesn’t excel in any one of them and come features are expensive compared to other brands.

Does Ninja make an espresso machine?

Ninja coffee makers make drip coffee and, depending on the model, will make tea, cold brew and other beverages. But none of their coffee brewing uses expressed hot steam under pressure so they do not qualify as espresso makers.

How do I clean a Ninja coffee maker?

First, wipe down the exterior of your Ninja coffee maker with a damp cloth. Remove the dishwasher safe pieces and wash them in your dishwasher. Reassemble and plus a carafe of water with 3 tablespoons of vinegar through the system. Flush your coffee make with a couple of cycles of clean water.

Why is my Ninja coffee maker leaking water?

If your Ninja coffee makes leaks when new, then return it. If it just started, then it needs to be cleaned or coffee grounds or other materials have slipped through the filter and have clogged the dispenser. A toothpick can help you pick out any stubborn pieces.

Does the Ninja coffee maker have Dishwasher safe parts?

All the removeable parts on a Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker are dishwasher safe. Clean the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth and run a mild mix of water and vinegar through the brewing cycle to fully clean the machine.

Where do I buy a Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja has a lot of coffee make models to choose from so be careful about buying off the shelf in a Costco, Target, Walmart or other retail store. You may buy a model with features you don’t need and over pay. Our 2020 buyer’s guide suggests that Amazon has the right selection of models and prices to be the best option.

How big is the Ninja CE201 coffee maker?

The Ninja CE201 measures 8.7 inches L x 9.9 W x 14.6 H

Does the Ninja CM401 have a thermal carafe?

The CM401, single brew option machine does have a thermal carafe option. That machine has the model number CM407.

Does the Ninja CM301 have a thermal carafe?

The CM301, single brew option machine does have a thermal carafe option. That machine has the model number CM307.

Does the Ninja CP307 make espresso, lattes and cappuccinos?

The Ninja CP307 is a drip coffee maker with a built-in fold-away milk frother arm. Drip coffee is not the same as espresso and the frothing isn’t what you get at a coffee shop, so this makes frothy hot and cold coffee drinks, but not espresso, lattes or cappuccinos.

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