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2020 Buyers Guide and Awards

Picture it you and your friends, sunglasses on, steaks on the grill, cold beer in a cooler, bikinis on display and, if you and your buddies shooting pool on your new outdoor pool table. From top of the line Imperial pool tables to cheaper family fun we give you best of the best.

For most of the country, 2020 hasn’t been a tough winter. So that means an early spring. So, start planning those outdoor parties and order now.

Four Types of Outdoor Pool Tables

There are basically four ways to go and they range from just of $300 to over $3000. But, fun comes in all shapes so here are four types of outdoor pool tables to choose from.

  1. Classy. This one looks like art, will last for decades and plays pool way better than that piece of junk at the bowling alley.
  2. Cool. Outdoor fun should be just that. If you picture yourself drinking and enjoying the good times. Look for an outdoor pool table that will keep up with the fun.
  3. Convertible. A multi table can serve as an outdoor pool table, dining and game table and ping pong table all in one.
  4. Cheap. If you don’t have the money, space of time to invest and still want a good time. We picked one that is perfect for family fun and won’t break your wallet.

The Best Outdoor Pool Table 2020

Imperial Pool Tables

The nicest outdoor pool tables are Imperial Pool Tables. Imperial Pool Tables are known among luxury homeowners and pool sharks alike for making really high quality and elegant pool tables.

This is hands-down the most beautiful pool table Amazon offers. You can get it delivered to you house and set it up yourself with very little effort. It will look and play beautiful for a really long time and makes any outdoor space look stylish.

Imperial International Pool Tables are known for great craftsmanship, beauty, durable materials and smooth, accurate play. Imperial International has over 60 Years in the billiards industry. A lot of outdoor pool tables are poorly made, meant to look good in the showroom but fail in the elements.

impreial pool tables outdoor pool table

This Imperial outdoor pool table is the very best Amazon pool table for outdoors. It is a full 8-ft. outdoor pool table and comes assembled. You just bolt on the legs then adjust it to level the surface and start playing.

It is made with anodized aluminum rails and aluminum corners and legs. So that means it will never rust. The bed is covered in a beautiful Camel color, waterproof taclon cloth. The cushions are K66 rubber and it comes with the accessories you need.

Coolest Outdoor Pool Table

The Hathaway Alpine is the coolest outdoor pool table on the list. This is a full, 8 foot outdoor pool table. So you are not giving up play quality. It is very well constructed with waterproof, UV-resistant felt and an aluminum frame

The Hathaway Alpine outdoor pool table has a great, almost industrial, minimalist look. It looks especially good outside modern homes. It has a bright, white frame and vibrant blue felt bed cover. This is the best weatherproof pool table for chilling with friends and drinking a few beers.

It is well made but make sure you cover it and care for the felt. As long as you make sure it stays level and treat it well it will last for many years.

Hathaway alpine outdoor pool table

This table just screams “beers with friends.”

Best Multi Game Pool Table Ping Pong Table

Atomic Hampton Multi Game Table, imperial pool tables
This won for best 2020 multi game table. It converts between a quality table with benches to pool table or ping pong in minutes

The Atomic 7′ Hampton can serve as a dining table with benches, a 7’ pool table and a full sized ping pong table. So, if you have limited space or don’t think you want to have a dedicated pool table then you can kill three birds with this stone.

When not used as an pool table, the dining table looks even better in person. It has a modern, grey wood grain finish and heavy-duty quality construction. It is very strong and durable enough for you to switch it between ping pong, pool and dining table as frequently as you need to.

The Atomic Hampton multi game table works really well for the whole family so eat at. There is plenty of storage in the upholstered benches too. The benches also store your gaming accessories and have a lot of space in them.

A few warnings, this is better for a covered space. It is durable but not meant exclusively as an outdoor table. You can also keep it covered, just make sure you treat it well. It is pretty heavy so be prepared for that. But it isn’t hard to set up and convert.

One Table To Rule Them All

atomic hampton multi game table with pool table and ping pong

Escalade Sports is the maker of the Atomic Hamilton. They have a great reputation and have been in business since 1927. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Portable, Cheap Outdoor Pool Table

Let’s say you don’t have a lot of money or space to dedicate. There are some great, cheap outdoor pool table options that also work well for younger kids. This Hathaway Fairmont is a portable, 6 foot table that you can buy for about $330 and use anywhere.

What is great about this is it is meant for easy storage and transportation. It has a really nice nylon carry bag so you can bring it outside when the weather is nice, store it in a garage or shed or bring it inside to play when the seasons turn against you. Hathaway Fairmont pool table comes with everything you need to enjoy it and sets up in minutes.

This pool table is 76” x 43.25” x 32” high. The play surface is 66” x 33.” It uses 2.25” standard billiard balls comes with two, 48-in two-piece pool cues, chalk a table brush and racking triangle.

The legs are a strong, rigid 1.25” diameter steel. So, you don’t want to leave this outside in the elements all the time. The legs fold very easily, and it has 1.5” stabilizing levelers.

hathaway fairmont wins our best cheap outdoor pool table

The Hathaway Fairmont is risk free to try. They offer a 180-day manufacturer warranty.

Best Outdoor Pool Tables

These outdoor pool tables range from $300 to well over $3000. So, there is something for any price range and any need. Try pairing it with the Keurig Drinkworks pod cocktail maker and really make it a party.

Imperial pool tables are the nicest, hands down. Elegant, beautiful and adds to the look of any home. But outdoor pool tables are not just for people with plenty of money and space. You can read other pool table Amazon reviews and see what customers thought of these and other models. So, whether you buy an Imperial International pool table, a Hathaway. We know you are going to  enjoy your outdoor billiard table all season long.

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