Pair of Thieves Underwear Buyers Guide 2020

Pair of Thieves Underwear


Pair of Thieves Underwear

Price Varies

Mega Soft Boxer Briefs


Cool Breeze Boxer Briefs


Cool Breeze Long Boxer


Women's Boyshorts


Women's Thong



  • Cool Breeze Fabric Is Amazing
  • Mega Soft Fabric Is Very Soft
  • Good Guarantee
  • Multi-Packs Are A Great Value


  • Sometimes Sells Out

Pair of Thieves Men’s Underwear Buyers Guide 2020

Pair of Thieves underwear has grown really popular in just a few years. This is because it does some things that nobody else has gotten right. Their underwear provides better support while still being comfortable. Also, they have some really great fabrics that cool and keep you from getting sweaty and stinky.

Pair of Thieves Underwear Review

Our testers included a teen and a dad and they tested them in Florida and in the fridgid winter months up north under everything from shorts to suits. We even got feedback from the people who saw them most in their underwear (and cared the most about ball sweat, if you get my point).

A lot of people see the Pair of Thieves underwear models before the products. Don’t let that make you think they are not serious about making a good product.

The best thing about a Pair of Thieves underwear is the unique fabrics. Their Cool Breeze underwear is really cool. If you every get sweaty nether regions, then rest assured you stink down there. Don’t worry about stinky, sweaty embarrassing stains anymore.

The underwear wearers both said it was a strange experience putting them on. If you are used to traditional boxer shorts then a Pair of Thieves underwear is going to hold you in place and that is a strange sensation for short while. Truthfully if feels good, like you are supposed to have that support and its just been missing your whole life.

Pair of Thieves mens underwear comes in sizes from small to XXL. You can also buy individual pair or two, three or seven packs as well.

Pair of Thieves Boxer Briefs

Pair of Thieves most popular products are their men’s boxer briefs. This is where they really do some cool stuff. You have two main ways to go here. You can focus on cooling with their Cool Breeze briefs or just focus on comfort and get the Mega Soft. A good way to try it is to buy their 2-pack that includes a pair of Mega Soft briefs and a pair of Cool Breeze.

Our suggestion is, unless you live somewhere really cold or really hot you probably will want a mix of the  two.

The stitching is really fine and nice. The band is good. Heavier dudes may prefer a wider band but overall it doesn’t bind or twist and has held up great to lots of washing.

Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Boxer Briefs

Pair of Thieves is probably best known for its Cool Breeze boxer briefs. The cool breeze fabric does stay very cool to the touch it feels very silky and it s quick-drying. It is also flat-stitched so it doesn’t leave any lines or press into your skin. It is available 9 cool patterns and you can buy single pairs or .

The materials are different for Cool Breeze and Mega Soft underwear. The Cool Breeze are 85% polyamide and 15% spandex.  Spandex? Yes, like a super hero.

Their avilablility at the XXL level (which is 42” to 44”) seems mixed so click the link to check for yourself.

These are best for people who live in hot places, active people or those who sweat a lot. If you feel your jewels getting slippery during the day try these. You nuts and your partner may thank you. On the negative side, they really are very cool so if you wear them out in cold weather you are going to feel it.

Pair of Thieves Mega Soft Boxer Briefs

Pair of Thieves Mega Soft boxer briefs are very soft and comfortable. We gave a pair to a teenager for testing. He is very active, walking probably two miles a day and skateboarding. He really liked them.

The Mega Soft includes cotton. They are 47% cotton, 47% modal, 6% spandex.  Modal fabric made from beech trees and is super soft fiber. It is usually part of a cotton and spandex blend like Pair of Thieves does. Even though it comes from a tree it is considered “semi-synthetic” because a chemical process is used to turn it into fabric.

Pair of Thieves Trunks

This is the same material and benefits as the boxer briefs but it has a 15” inseem and a fly on the front. It really is just a preference. But I would say that even for lifelong boxer wearers you may still try the boxer briefs for the extra support. You may be surprised that you like it. You can buy one first and get your money back if you hate it. Check our FAQs for Pair of Thieves return and guarantee policy.

Pair of Thieves Long Boxer briefs

Pair of Thieves long boxer briefs are built very similar to their regular briefs. They are also available in Cool Breeze and Mega soft but you get a few more inches on the leg.

This is mainly personal preference. You could say you want longer shorts for sports or longer shorts. Maybe you prefer them under finer materials like suit pants but it really isn’t necessary. According to Pair of Thieves cycling shorts work better with long briefs but we didn’t test that.

We wore regular length boxer briefs with very lightweight suit pants and you couldn’t see the line from the edge of the underwear through the pants. Pair of Thieves boxer briefs are all pretty thin fabric with flat stitching so we didn’t see any lines.

The Pair of Thieves underwear long versions are available in the same sizes but with fewer patterns and colors to choose from. The Cool Breeze long boxer briefs we tested only came in four choices of patterns although all of them were pretty cool.

Pair of Thieves Women’s Underwear

Pair of Thieves also makes some really great women’s underwear. They offer three styles of underwear; thong, hipster, boyshort and bikini

Mega Soft Thong

Our tester said she loved it but felt almost naked at first. The cut is more cute than sexy and they are not very revealing. Made with a mix of cotton and modal fabric they stretch really well and breath great. She called these some of the most comfortable thongs she has ever worn. Surprisingly the thong was only available in a few colors and one pattern when we last checked. Hopefully they will add more later.

Pair of Thieves Women’s Bikini

The Mega Soft Bikini is the same material as the boys’ Mega Soft underwear or the thong. It is very soft but in a bikini cut. This is available in a lot more colors and patterns which is great.

Hipster Underwear

The hipster cut comes in both Mega Soft and Cool Breeze fabric so you get the advantages of those. But it comes in a slightly cheeky, cute cover to your bottom. They advertise that they wont ride up and we believe it. This has a little better availability and color and pattern choices than some of the other cuts.

Mega Soft Boyshorts

For some reason the boyshorts are only available in the Mega Soft cut and not the Cool Breeze cut. The Pair of Thieves boyshorts are really cute. On those days you want just a little more coverage and confidence these are a great choice. They stay in place and wont slip down or ride up. We recommend.  

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What is Pair of Thieves Return Policy?

You can return items as long as it isn’t open in the first 30 days. If you open it and wear it their guarantee covers your first pair up to 90 days. This is a good reason to buy online because they don’t offer refunds on underwear bought at stores like Target or on Amazon.

What is Pair of Thieves Guarantee?

They offer a full money back guarantee including shipping on the first pair for up to 90 days. They say they don’t offer it on later purchases, so people don’t take advantage.

How Does Pair of Thieves Ship Orders?

They offer two shipping options. The first is free shipping with First Class mail. It take 3 to 7 business days and comes out of Los Angeles. They charge for Priority Mail which takes only 2 to 3 business days

Can you machine wash Pair of Thieves underwear?

Pair of Thieves recommends hand washing and drying but you can machine wash them on warm in the delicate cycle and then dry on the tumble dry low settings.

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