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None of your friends are going to own a Quickmill Andreja.  Frankly, this is too much espresso machine for most of them. But, if they did and bought it years ago it would look nearly the same and would still make amazing drinks. Quick Mill hasn’t changed the Andreja espresso machine much with time. The idea is that once you perfected something, keep doing what you are doing.

The Quickmill Andreja has some of the very best brewing and
milk steaming and foaming found anywhere. This espresso machine produces coffee
drinks every bit as good as the skill of the user. So, if you are looking for a
manual machine like this, you could do a lot worse.

Andreja: Classic Looks, Timeless Perfection

At first glance, the Quickmill Andreja Classic looks like it may have been built in the 50s. Actually, this Milan produced espresso maker was updated in 2018. This includes some color and chrome accents. But, the core of what makes the Andreja special is unchanged.

True Commercial Power and Quality

The Quick Mill Andreja Classic E61 Model 0980 has a group head heat exchanger instead of a traditional boiler or Thermoblock. As a result, it CAN make perfect espresso and steamed milk all day long. So, it you don’t want to learn to manage the coffee grinding, tamping, the temperature and pressure of the steam, and the milk steaming and foaming then bow out and review our list of the best super automatic espresso makers. The Andreja is not for people who don’t want to learn how to make great espresso.

Quick Mill Andreja model 0980 Classic comes with a very nice tamper and great single and porta filters. So, you don’t really need to upgrade the accessories. Just buy a grinder and coffee beans and get brewing.

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