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RTIC: Does this lifetime cooler live up to the hype?


RTIC coolers

Varies (see below)

RTIC Cooler 20 QT


RTIC Cooler 45 QT


RTIC Cooler 65 QT


RTIC Cooler 110 QT


RTIC Cooler 145 QT



  • Excellent Performance
  • Great Value

RTIC coolers are made RTIC Outdoors with the headquarters in Houston, Texas. RTIC coolers also ship out of several US facilities in Georgia, California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. RTIC was founded by twin brothers, John and Jim Jacobson.

RTIC coolers are sold direct to consumer thus cutting out the huge markups and low inventory options commonly annoying shoppers at giant department stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco. Providing high end luxury coolers at a fraction of the cost, RTIC coolers are known for their tagline “overbuilt, not over-priced.” Before you go out and spend a fortune on a new cooler for camping, read more to see if RTIC coolers could be your new beer cooler of choice. 

What is a roto molded cooler?

Roto molded coolers or single mold coolers are made from rotationally molded plastic. This process gives you the thick wall of the roto coolers that insulates perishables for extended amounts of days depending on the brand. Roto mold coolers became very popular when Yeti coolers emerged into the cooler industry. Due to the roto mold process, the perfect plastic walls create an extremely durable cooler that can withstand abuse for years to come. As a result , roto molded coolers are often referred to as lifetime coolers.

RTIC Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

While YETI coolers are one of the most popular coolers on the market, there are tons of Yeti critics out there that swear by much more affordably priced coolers from other brands. Yeti coolers are more expensive than RTIC. RTIC coolers hold more ice than the counterpart Yeti cooler in the exact same size. For example, the Yeti 65 holds 56 pounds of ice while the RTIC 65 holds 78 pounds of ice. Across the board from the RTIC soft cooler to the RTIC tumbler, performance was equal if not better than Yeti and priced lower. Yeti offers a 5 year warranty on roto molded hard coolers and 3 year warranty on Yeti soft coolers. RTIC roto mold coolers come with a 7 year warranty. Other RTIC items like soft coolers, tumblers, soft packs, etc., come with a 30 day warranty. 

Where are RTIC coolers made?

RTIC coolers are made in China. Many brands manufacture their coolers in China in order to offer consumers the lowest possible price on high end coolers. RTIC provides 7 year warranties on all RTIC 65, RTIC 45, and RTIC 20 coolers which wouldn’t be possible if they were not providing a quality product. 

RTIC 110 & RTIC 145 Coolers

RTIC Coolers 110 Qt and 145 QT coolers
RTIC Coolers 145 QT models Review

One thing that is great about RTIC coolers is their large capacity coolers. Whether this is for worksites, boats and RVs, large parties, or extended trips, these 11 quart and 145 quart capacity coolers offer a lot of room. You can fit multiple ones easily in the back of a pickup. The RTIC coolers all stay cool long, but being able to pack extra ice can really extend the use but you need the space for that.

The RTIC 110QT has a 27.5 gallon capacity. This is about 110 cans. It comes in four colors, white, tan, grey and blue. Plus it can hold 115 pounds of ice. The outside of the RTIC 110QT is 35.37″ x 19.87″ x 20″. The 110QT weights 48.5 pounds.

The RTIC 145QT is the cooler every deepsea fisherman needs. It hs a capacity of 36.25 gallons which is enough for 145 cans or 155 pounds of ice. YOu can get this in three colors; white, tan and blue. The outside of the RTIC 145QT is 41.62″ x 20.87″ x 20″ and it weighs just under 60 pounds (see full specifications below). Either of these are great for really good times.

RTIC 110QT cooler shown in store display
The RTIC 110QT Cooler Shown Waiting To Be Taken To The Beach, Woods or Worksite

RTIC Tumbler

RTIC Tumbler and RTIC Tumbler Lid SHown In matte purple

The RTIC Tumbler is a really well made and convenient item. Every outdoors person and party host should buy several to keep on hand. Each RTIC tumbler has a 20 ounce capacity and is stainless steel with double walls which are vacuum insulated. It insulates very efficiently and is great for hot drinks as well. It comes in nine matte colors, glossy teal or a glittery grey. So there is a RTIC tumbler for everyone.

It comes in nine matte colors, glossy team or a glittery grey. So there is a RTIC tumbler for everyone. The RTIC Tumbler Lid also if very well designed and crafted. It has a newly designed shaded, splash-proof lid. So you can see how much drink is left. The flip-top closure is well made and reduces spills. You can use any straw including the RTIC aluminum straws and is easy to clean.

Where to buy RTIC coolers?

Finding the best cooler to keep your beer cold all summer is not an easy task. After years of going through cheap coolers every few months, upgrading to a new roto molded cooler took some time and research. There’s a ton of nice coolers on the market but finding the right cooler that works for your budget can be time consuming. We’ve done the hard work for you and recently reviewed several of the most popular coolers. 

The RTIC 20 cooler is the smallest rotoscoped mold cooler in the RTIC Outdoors lineup. RTIC 20 weighs 17.5 pounds empty and has the capacity to hold 24 cans or 25 pounds of ice. Perfect size for a personal beer cooler, job site, or a day trip to the beach. The RTIC 20 dimensions are
13.75″ x 10.87″ x 8.75″ for the interior and 20″ x 15″ x 13.75″ for the exterior.

Keys to a Great Summer

We hope our RTIC coolers review has been helpful. We found they deliver superior performance at a better price than their top competitors. We recommend buying one but suggest you get enough capacity for your needs.

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RTIC Coolers Specifications and Comparison

22QT (24 cans)
25 pounds of ice
5.5 gallons
45QT (36 cans)
40 pounds of ice
11.25 gallons
65QT (64 cans)
70 pounds of ice
16.25 gallons
110QT (110 cans)
115 pounds of ice
27.5 gallons
145QT (145 cans)
155 pounds of ice
36.25 gallons
Interior (L X W X D)
13.75″ x 10.87″ x 8.75″
Interior (L X W X D)
19.37″ x 11.87″ x 10.50″
Interior (L X W X D)
24.75″ x 13″ x 11.75″
Interior (L X W X D)
27.75″ x 16.25″ x 14.12″
Interior (L X W X D)
34.12″ x 17.25″ x 14.12″
Exterior (L X W X D)
20″ x 15″ x 13.75″
Exterior (L X W X D)
26.50″ x 15.87″ x 16.50″
Exterior (L X W X D)
32.25″ x 17.12″ x 18.50″
Exterior (L X W X D)
35.37″ x 19.87″ x 20″
Exterior (L X W X D)
41.62″ x 20.87″ x 20″
17.5 lbs
25 lbs
36.5 lbs
48.5 lbs
59.5 lbs
Common Uses
• Job site
• Beach trips
• Campsite, kayak, canoe
• ATV or golf cart
• At the big game
Common Uses
• Day long fishing
• Weekend trips
• Back of pick-up truck
• Small game
• Tailgating
Common Uses
• Lake fishing
• Hunting small game
• Camping trips
• The ultimate party cooler
• Small Back up refrigerator
Common Uses
• Offshore fishing
• Hunting medium game
• Extended camping trips
• The ultimate party cooler
• Back up refrigerator
Common Uses
• Big game fishing
• Hunting big game
• Extended camping trips
• Main marine cooler
• Back up refrigerator

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