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Must Have Beer Accessories For The Beer Advocate In Your Life

Beer Coolers Full of Craft Beer at World Of Beer We all know that self-proclaimed beer advocate that takes beer drinking to a whole new level. Whether it’s tacos and beer from Taco Tuesday or beer olympics from college, everyone has a different beer background. For the beer lover that always has a long neck ice cold beer in their hand, you’Read More…

Talentless Premium Hoodie and Premium Sweatpants Modeled by Scott Disick

Talentless Premium Hoodie and Sweatpants Review

Why I Loved Talentless Despite Wanting to Hate It It wasn’t my idea to review the Talentless Premium Hoodie
and Premium Sweatpants. I don’t have any issue with Scott Disick or “Keeping Up
with The Kardashians.” I just don’t really care. I don’t watch the show and don’t
follow those people although I know they seem to have built Read More…


JURA E8 $2000 – 2200 (click for discounts) JURA E8 9.5/10 JURA E8 Chrome 9.6/10 Pros PEP brewing technology Fine Foam Technology Makes Perfect Milk Excellent Grinder 16 One Touch Beverages Great Programmability Cons JOE WIreless App Is Dated E8 Rumored To Be Phased Out – Buy Now Lots to Live Up To: The JURARead More…