How to Win an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

You decided that you don’t just want to attend a party, you want to win an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Many of those parties will have contests. The best ones rely on popular voting by the crowd. This is your opportunity to rig the vote. Here are the strategies to do it. Glory awaits!
Act Super Confident
Act confident and you will be confiRead More…

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Tacky Trump

The 6 Funniest Trump Tacky Christmas Sweaters of of 2019

of 2019’s Funniest Trump Tacky Christmas Sweaters
Have fun celebrating Christmas 2019 by wearing one of these Trump tacky Christmas sweaters. If you want to ramp it up look at our choice for impeachment ugly Christmas sweaters or other lists of Trump Christmas sweaters. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing the reactions of other people Read More…

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas Best Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters

6 Best Trump Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweaters

2019 Is The Year of the Impeachment Ugly Christmas Sweater
Democratic lawmakers didn’t want this fight. But, Donald Trump is, by far, the most disappointing president as he has spread a toxic culture of misogyny and racism and now they have no choice. Here are some amazing impeachment ugly Christmas sweaters you should not only buy for yourself bRead More…