Talentless Premium Hoodie and Premium Sweatpants Modeled by Scott Disick

Talentless Premium Hoodie and Sweatpants Review


Talentless Hoodie and Sweatpants


Talentless Premium Hoodie


Talentless Premium Sweatpants



  • Outstanding Quality
  • Very Soft
  • Durable
  • Classic Look
  • Sizes Fit Well


  • Shipping, Returns and Exchanges Policies Need Work

Why I Loved Talentless Despite Wanting to Hate It

It wasn’t my idea to review the Talentless Premium Hoodie and Premium Sweatpants. I don’t have any issue with Scott Disick or “Keeping Up with The Kardashians.” I just don’t really care. I don’t watch the show and don’t follow those people although I know they seem to have built a cultural empire that is impressive. So, before I even got them, I assumed that Scott Disick was selling overpriced stuff as a cash grab over his fans and, because I’m not a fan, I wouldn’t like them.

So, when my boss ordered me a set of Talentless Premium Hoodie and a Premium Sweatpants, I went into it as kind of a blank slate (that was her genius). So, I got the box from Talentless and unboxed it. The materials were nicer than usual, no big deal and I set about testing everything with a fairly open mind about the clothes.

Talentless Premium Hoodie Review

I got the Men’s Talentless Premium Hoodie in Bone color. I would not have picked the color for myself. I live in downtown Philadelphia and I own a lot of dark colored clothes. All my other sweats are Navy or Black.

I was worried it wouldn’t be very slimming or would get stained or otherwise might make me look like a lost tourist. But honestly the color is really nice. Bone is a very off whitish color and I like it a lot. It looks especially great when I layered it with my darker clothes.

I like classic look things and that is the goal of Scott Disick and Talentless. Talentless hoodies are premium basics that feel like luxury items at a reasonable price. They did that perfectly Talentless Premium Hoodie. This material feels like nothing I have ever owned. It is a heavyweight pigment-dyed cotton. They finish it by washing it with Potassium permanganate.

It has a really cool, relaxed and sturdy fit. It lays just right. I love that the Talentless Premium Hoodie comes in solids without company logos or other trash mucking it up. They hoodie is super soft, and I loved the material. It feels like you are walking around with that feeling you get under a cozy blanket. It isn’t too heave or hot. It is also easy to care for. I spilled stuff on it and machine washed it probably a dozen times and it held up just fine. I got compliments from strangers on them and they were surprised when I told them the brand.

I give the Talentless Premium Hoodie a strong “Buy” recommendations. Check out their other awesome colors too. They even offer seasonal color choices so check back regularly.

Talentless Premium Sweatpants Review

My boss ordered me the Talentless Premium Sweatpants in the same Bone color as the hoodie. They look great together, match perfectly and the size charts are accurate, and the hoodie and sweatpants sizes line up.

The Talentless Premium Sweatpants have the same cotton material, thickness, weight and incredibly soft feel as the Premium Hoodie does. They go perfectly together I love them a lot.

The stitching is strong, and the quality is really good. The drawstring is soft and wide and wont bunch. I a sure it will wear well. Like the Premium Hoodie, I washed the Premium Sweatpants over a dozen times, and they look exactly the same. They have even held up well to the high temperature drier setting in my cheap apartment dryer that seems to cook the rest of my clothes.

Good Customer Service but Frustrating Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

If you are used to Amazon deliver, returns and exchanges then prepare to be disappointed. We outline how it all works in the FAQs below but in short processing orders takes several business days, the return policy isn’t very generous, and they don’t really do exchanges. This is one area where Talentless could improve things.

Hating Talentless Scott Disick

What you initially think of the Talentless brand is probably how you feel about Scott Disick on “Keeping Up with The Kardashians.” If his connection with the show makes you want to try their products, then go ahead. We gave the ones we tested a thumbs up.

But there are two reasons to look at their clothes even if you hate Scott Disick or the man or “Keeping Up with The Kardashians.”

First, Talentless is high quality and nice clothes and the Premium hoodie and sweatpants don’t have an visible logos. We were surprised at that, frankly. A brand that seems to make fun of celebrity with no substance offers clothing of real substance. The hoodies and sweatpants we tries are heavy and thick and comfy and really, really nice. The pricing isn’t even that high.

The second reason to give them a shot is you could argue it actually says something a bit profound about success and achieving your dreams. Talent is “God given” and when someone reaches the full potential of their talents, we celebrate that, rightly.

Talentless Premium Hoodie – Shown In Bone

Bone Colored Talentles Premium Hoodie Used in our 2020 Review
Talentless Premium Hoodie Shown in Bone Color is like the one Used in our 2020 Review

Talentless Premium Hoodie – Crayon Color

Talentless Premium Hoodie Review SHown in Crayon Color
Talentless has many classic colors but also some unique ones like this Premium Hoodies In “Crayon” Color.

Talentless Premium Zip Up Hoodie

Talentless Premium Zip Up Hoodie, Tshirt and Matching Premium Sweatpant
The Talentless Premium Zip Up Hoodie Is Made with The Same Materials and Quality as the Pollover

Talentless Premium Sweatpants – Shown In Bone

Talentless Premium Sweatpants Review 2020 Shown In Bone Color
Talentless Premium Sweatpants Shown In Bone color, Like the Pair I Tested.

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But, what about people who succeeded in spite of not having talent. Sure, Michael Phelps is an inspiration, but how much of one? Because his success is a combination of talent AND of hard work, focus, perseverance and self-sacrifice we will never really know how much to celebrate the talent part vs. all the rest.

To me, Talentless celebrates the portion of success that comes from what we can control and how we set out to achieve things for which we weren’t blessed with natural gifts. And there is something noble in that. Maybe we should consider why we seem to go back and forth over why we seem to value talent over drive.

Talentless Premium Hoodie and Sweatpants Review

After street testing the Talentless Premium Hoodie Premium Sweatpants for a few months and putting through all the grime and harshness of a Northeastern fall and (most of) winter, I am really impressed with these clothes. I love the colors, and these are the softest, coziest sweats I have ever owned. Talentless is really on to something, offering designer quality at less than designer prices. I can’t wait to try more, if only my boss will let me pick the next color.


Should I buy Talentless Premium Hoodie?

In our testing the Talentless Premium Hoodie got a strong “Buy” rating. I didn’t want to try these but was surprised at the high designer materials, incredibly soft feel, nice fit and classic look at half the cost of designer hoodies.

Should I buy the Talentless Premium Sweatpants?

In our testing the Talentless Premium Sweatpants were given a strong “Buy” recommendation. I didn’t want to try these but was surprised at the high designer materials, incredibly soft feel, nice fit and classic look at half the cost of designer hoodies.

Does Talentless Provide Good Customer Service?

Talentless Apparel does provide very good customer service. Their choice is to contact them at contact@talentless.co with any issues or questions.

How Does Talentless Ship?

You won’t get your order fast like an Amazon Prime order. They say that orders take 1-3 business days to be packed in our warehouse but may not ship for 3-5 business days after you order. Then you have to wait for however long ground shipping takes.

Does Talentless ship to P.O Boxes?

No, they do not currently ship to Post Office (P.O) Boxes, APO, or FPO addresses.

What is the Talentless Return Policy?

Returns are offered within 30 days after delivery. You cannot return items that you have worn, altered or removed the tag from.

Can I exchange an item from my Talentless order?

Talentless doesn’t do exchanges. You have to return one item (see the limitations on that above) and buy a new one.

Can I machine wash Talentless Clothes?

Yes, they recommend washing on cold and tumble drying on low heat and you should do that. However, as a test, I ignored this and bleached my Premium Hoodie and Premium Sweatpants and dried using the hot setting on my dryer over a dozen times and they have held up pretty well.

Does Talentless Charge Sales Tax?

Only on orders delivered in California.

How Do I Redeem A Talentless Gift Card?

Just follow the link, select your clothes and enter the number during the checkout process.

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