Top Food Subscription Boxes to Survive Quarantine


Restaurants are closed, delivery times are long and you need some variety. The big thing right now is home, food subscription services. With a few clicks you get healthy, gourmet foods, ready-to-prepare meal kits, snacks, even wine delivered right to your doorstep. Staying and social distancing to be healthy shouldn’t mean living off ice cream and Doritos.

These companies get high reviews from clients for delivering delicious, easy to prepare and healthy foods. These three companies offer really different things. 5-Star meats and seafoods, as good as any steakhouse or seafood restaurant, wine pairings and huge menu options and mixes of meal kits and prepared foods that fit your lifestyle.

#1 Farm Fresh

Steakhouse and Gourmet Seafood Restaurant Quality Proteins Home Delivered

The Coronavirus lockdown may have closed your favorite steakhouse and seafood restaurant but you can get that same gourmet quality and selection at home.

Farm Fresh partners with over a dozen ranches, farms and cooperatives to focus on gourmet quality meat, poultry and seafood.

These are the same kinds of places where your local steakhouse buys those fresh cuts. Their meat, poultry and seafoods are so good you won’t want to go back to restaurants after the quarantine ends.

The best part of Farm Fresh partners is you can stock up. So, let people panic buy all the Charmin they want. Your fridge and freezer will be crammed filled with gourmet foods long after your neighbors have turned to living off Spam and canned tuna.

Farm Fresh Ships Top Restaurant and Steakhouse Quality Meats, Poultry and Seafood Direct To Your Home
Farm Fresh Ships Top Restaurant and Steakhouse Quality Meats, Poultry and Seafood Direct To Your Home

#2 Blue Apron

Fits To Your Lifestyle and Includes Wine

Blue Apron is one of the Best known food services and has a huge number of clients.

They fit your lifestyle offering 2-person meal kits, 2-person vegetarian kits and 4-person family meal kits.

Blue Apron offers a lot of choices including tons of different meat, fish, Beyond Meat, Weight Watchers Approved, Diabetes-Friendly recipes and health-conscious offerings.

Blue Apron also offers Wine Delivery so you can get both from one subscription service. Plus Blue Apron makes it simple to pair your food and fine choices. A box includes 6 bottles and you can have all reds, all whites or mix however you like.

You need to stay happy and healthy during the lock in and what better way to unwind after your 20th conference call of the day than with a great class of your favorite wine. You are guaranteed to discover some new labels as well.

Blue Apron Wine Delivery
You choose the varietals and wines with Blue Apron

#3 Sun Basket

Huge options from oven ready to pre-prepped meal and traditional meal kits plus lunch and snacks

Sun Basket focuses on choice. You can get a mix of oven ready foods you just heat and serve, pre-prepped meals where you cook them but all the prep work and chopping is done for you and the classic meal prep where you get ingredients and simple to follow instructions.

The classic meal kits are delicious and really easy. They all come with simple to follow instructions that will make you feel like a gourmet chef. You probably won’t even miss your favorite restaurant.

But you are not going to want to prep and cook every day. So, let Sun Basket mix in some oven ready gourmet selections. You don’t skimp on quality but you get speed and convenience.

Another thing we love about Sun Basket is they not only offer dinners, but lunches and dozens of great snacks like chocolate, chips, hummus and veggies.

Another great option is to order proteins only. You select your favorite protein like crab cakes or Applewood bacon-wrapped beef filet mignons and get them delivered right to your quarantined door.

Prepared meals from Sun Basket
Mediterranean Garlic Shrimp with Spanish Rice in 25 Minutes
Sun Basket offers prepared proteins like Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon
Sun Basket offers prepared proteins like Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

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